ICE InsureTech partners with i-Wonder

Sep 10, 2019 | Press Releases

ICE InsureTech, part of Acturis Group, partners with i-Wonder to integrate ICE Policy with all major UK price comparison websites.

Price comparison websites are used by more than 11 million people[1], which means the ability to integrate into these sites is key for Insurers to maintain growth in a competitive landscape. ICE InsureTech has partnered with i-Wonder, insurance price comparison technology specialist, to provide an aggregator integration service that will help Insurers stay agile and visible in a growing market.

The partnership will create a technology gateway that connects ICE Policy to all major UK price comparison websites. This new relationship facilitates a quick and efficient connectivity solution which will benefit ICE’s customers, maintaining their visibility against competitors.

Ticker is the first ICE customer to benefit from the partnership.  The effortless connectivity of ICE Policy to the main price comparison websites led to a successful integration and a satisfied client. Mike Ketteringham, Chief Underwriting Officer at Ticker, said: “We all know the time it can take to list new products on the PCWs. However, the ICE to i-Wonder integration reduced this time from months to weeks and enabled us to list on three of the big four in the first six months since launching Ticker. With all three parties (ICE, i-Wonder and Ticker) working in close harmony, the implementation was hassle-free.”

ICE InsureTech is able to offer this ease of integration onto all major UK price comparison websites, for existing and future customers, providing them with a single point of entry into the aggregator.

Commenting on the new partnership, Al Robertson, Chief Technology Officer at ICE InsureTech, said: “Enabling ICE Policy customers to acquire new business via the price comparison websites is a significant enhancement to our product offering. The partnership with i-Wonder has simplified and accelerated our integration capability. Customers can on-board new price comparison websites without any changes to ICE.”

Alex Williams, Sales Director at i-Wonder, said: “We are very excited about this new and innovative partnership. This is a great opportunity for Insurers to increase their outreach to consumers in a congested online world. We look forward to continuing work with ICE InsureTech, connecting their customers to their chosen aggregators.”

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