ICE Digital

​Full digital engagement and transformation including advanced B2B/B2C digital portals

What is ICE Digital?


​ICE Digital delivers full digital engagement with clients through open business APIs or pre-built tailorable B2B or B2C digital platforms, empowering clients to write their own digital journey.

ICE builds robust and advanced digital portals, including eTrade, FNOL & claims tracking, Policy view service and Quote & Buy portals, or alternatively integrates into existing portals or portal providers.

With bespoke customisation and personalisation, ICE delivers digital transformation, your way. Our dynamic and self-documenting APIs empower clients to change their own product definition.

B2B or B2C Digital Platform Icon

B2B or B2C Digital Platform

ICE Digital is an advanced end to end B2B or B2C digital platform consisting of an open business APIs and user-friendly screens to encourage productivity.

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Broker Portals

ICE Digital broker portals deliver a robust partner trading platform to manage quote and buy, produce documentation, administer MTAs, view payments and cancellations.

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Customer Portals

ICE Digital customer portals enable access to meaningful information, anytime and on any device. Customers can use self-serve portals for an end-to-end journey.

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ICE Digital solutions have elastic cloud scalability to manage peak demands using modern technologies.

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Fully Responsive

ICE Digital solutions are fully responsive across device types, mobile, tablet and desktop.

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Easily Integrated

ICE Digital is integrated into ICE Policy and ICE Claims but can easily be integrated with other back office administration systems.

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