ICE Analytics

Sophisticated Analytics tool for powerful real time reporting

What is ICE Analytics?


ICE Analytics’ innovative software provides a standard reporting suite allowing for both detailed analysis and instant visualisation of business performance.

Deployed on the Microsoft BI stack, ICE Analytics provides a comprehensive data warehouse with a set of pre-built operational dashboards and reports.

ICE Cube is a purpose-built insurance data warehouse which is standalone. The ICE Cube is populated from other systems or feeds corporate Data warehouse.

Integrated MI and Dashboards

Delivers pre-built Policy and Claims reports along with comprehensive live business performance dashboards to monitor SLAs.

Data Warehouses

The system contains its own data warehouse application and can also provide data to other corporate warehouses as required.

Real time reporting

Using dashboards, reports, filters and gauges, the system can display data that helps users instantly identify important trends, both positive and negative.

Power BI

Provides powerful mapping, Q&A and visualisation through natural language querying.


A generic Extractor that will run against any database system, or be configured for any ODBC database.

Transform & Load

A set of generic components that transforms data into a dimensional data mart format.