Acturis Group Spotlight: Celebrating 6 years of success for ICE

Nov 9, 2023 | Blog

Theo Duchen, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of the Acturis Group, details the success of ICE InsureTech following the Acturis acquisition in 2017 and the strong partnership between the companies.

Question 1: How did you first hear of ICE InsureTech?

We had known Andrew for a long time before our partnership, and we have been long time admirers of the ICE technology and systems.  We always felt that ICE would fit well in the Acturis Group.  So we kept up the relationship and made sure that ICE knew that we were very interested in partnering with ICE at the right time.


Question 2: How did this lead to the Acquisition in 2017?

At that time, the parent company of ICE ran into difficulties which had nothing to do with the ICE business per se. It was likely that they would be forced to sell ICE as part of their group restructure. Given our existing relationship with Andrew and our admiration of the business we were quick to respond.  I think the acquisition of ICE has been a huge success and mutually beneficial for all concerned.


Question 3: Where have you seen real growth and change for ICE since the acquisition?

ICE has become a platform of choice for more and more UK insurers and MGAs and is now moving overseas as well.  It’s Celent rating bears testament to the fact that it is highly regarded from a technology perspective, with a fantastic implementation and operational track record.  So it has achieved significant credibility through its multiple successful implementations and the backing of the Acturis Group has certainly helped support this.


Question 4: In what ways did Acturis support this growth?

ICE has been able to utilise our software development centre in Poland building their own team as well as shared services and integration partners with the Acturis platform business. In addition, opportunities emanating from the entire Acturis network are funnelled to ICE.  Being part of a large, robust and innovative global group is extremely beneficial to all of us.  So in summary being part of the larger Acturis Group has provided both operational and strategic benefits


Question 5: What do you see next for ICE and how will Acturis support?

ICE continues to grow it users and share in the UK and is now moving abroad for example APAC.  So we will continue to develop the platform as a technology leader both in the UK but increasingly in other countries as well. ICE has a fantastic track record of successful implementations – to time and budget – which few other vendors can match.  With the partnership and backing of the Acturis group ICE will continue to increase its share and presence in the Insurer and MGA software platform space.


The Acturis Group is one of the UK’s highest rated and fastest growing technology enterprises. They comprise of multiple divisions including the UK, Germany, Denmark, Canada and France. For more on the Group, please click here.

Theo Duchen Bio: Theo is co-founder and Group co-CEO of the Acturis Group. He was previously a partner at McKinsey & Company, having joined McKinsey in 1991 and becoming a partner in 1997. He led McKinsey’s general insurance practice in the UK and was a member of McKinsey’s European insurance leadership group. Theo is a Fellow of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries.

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