Client Spotlight – Richard King, Founder & CEO of Ticker

Nov 29, 2022 | Blog

From going live as a telematics and motor start-up to Ticker’s thriving and innovative propositions, Richard King discusses how the ICE partnership has launched Ticker from strength to strength.

Q1: Why did you select ICE to support your proposition?

First of all, we knew what we didn’t want:

  • To build an entire system from scratch inhouse – there are too many risks involved and we’ve seen so many parties get it wrong
  • Equally, we didn’t want architecture that kept our achievements dependent on our business partner, having had progress hampered by partners’ ability to grow at our pace in the past

So, what did we want?

  • A partner that knew the insurance industry; we saw some companies that had very good technology but no experience of motor insurance – it was critical that our project teams were speaking the same language
  • A partner that would invest the time to truly understand our ambitions and where that would lead them in terms of their future development
  • And, of course, the platform had to be agile and cloud-based

Q2: How would you describe your partnership with ICE?

It’s worked and it continues to work very well.

Point one – we were live on time. That’s critical whether you’re a startup (as we were) or an established household name.

Point two – ICE enabled us to develop the innovative propositions we wanted to bring to the market, which has given us the platform to grow fast and write profitable business.

Point three – they have an excellent understanding of the insurance industry, coupled with a very modern approach to development. We like that a lot.

Point four – both parties have cultured a great relationship and a very personable approach; when we bring new ideas to the table, ICE are excited to listen and address the opportunity in a creative way.

Q3: What exciting new propositions have you been working on?

Together, we’ve just launched our third product, which is a pay-per-mile product designed to give low-mileage drivers flexibility with their insurance costs. It’s the right product at the right time: as we’re driving less each year in the UK and the cost-of-living crisis is intensifying. Pay-per-mile is our first usage-based proposition, so it’s built in a very different way from a more traditional policy.

100% of Ticker customers download the app to engage with us. This gives us the platform to allow customers to make the majority of mid-term adjustments themselves without having to contact us; we’re putting the customer in control of their policy. We’re currently adding more self-serve features including changing their vehicle, updating their mileage, adding a private plate, adjusting contact details – and of course, renewing in the app.

We have a further four products in the pipeline and are working together to launch them as soon as possible.

Market leaders are powered by ICE. We are proud to have a 100% client reference rate, for more on our client success please get in touch today at 

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