Investing in the future – our graduates

Apr 27, 2020 | Blog

Investing in the future of our business at ICE InsureTech with our graduates.

Graduates bring with them new and bright ideas, as well as a fresh outlook, which can be hugely beneficial to business. University encourages them to look at ideas and systems from a different and modern perspective and this attitude transfers well into a business environment, as well as boosting efficiency and productivity.

At ICE InsureTech, we believe it is important to evolve as a business. This means investing in the future of our staff as well as our products.

We build strong teams that successfully work together to enhance and implement our product and work collaboratively with our clients.  Our teams are comprised of experienced staff with a wealth of industry and technical expertise, acting as mentors to new graduates joining the team.

In the last two years, 50% of our recent employee intake have been graduate positions. This includes our rotation scheme and developer training, starting in a classroom environment ran and mentored by an ICE Tech Lead. Our aim is to nurture and develop individuals in a rounded approach, encouraging them to realise where they have a true passion or natural flare at ICE.

We chatted to some of our graduates about their experiences at ICE InsureTech….

Chris, UI Developer: (Maths Masters at Royal Holloway, University of London)

“During my interview I knew ICE was the right place for me. I can still remember Andrew (CEO) drawing out industry issues on a whiteboard, explaining instant notifications with a telematics device and kick-starting the claims process. That moment really ignited my interest and transferred my passion for problem-solving into insurance.”

“I started my journey in the product team where I received fantastic mentoring, but the opportunity arose for me to join the ICE graduate developer training, where I specialised in UI/UX. UI/UX is a great way to express my passion as it allows me to be really creative – you can visualise your idea and tangibly bring it to life. As a UI Developer, I have supported UI enhancements on customer eTrade and litigation portals.”

Andy, QA Engineer: (University of Warwick Maths degree)

“I came to ICE straight out of University as I knew I always wanted to work
in a technical environment, but the world of insurance was new to me. The learning opportunities have been great and hands on at ICE, which is the best way to learn.

“I found a passion for automation testing following training from a colleague who specialised in this area. Automation testing is a great supplement to manual testing, it allows us to be more precise in the QA process and increases productivity – two days’ worth of manual testing can be completed overnight. I am now running automation testing training sessions to new graduates and members of the QA team, strengthening our in-house knowledge and expertise at ICE.”  

Maria, Junior Developer: (University of Birmingham Maths and Computer Science degree)

“Working at ICE as a woman in technology has been incredibly motivating. I have two amazing female role models, my Technical Lead and an experienced Java Developer, who I really enjoy working with on projects. Learning first-hand from them has really inspired me to progress my technical skills and career at ICE.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the ICE graduate developer training, which started in a classroom set up where we were given technical dev lessons and mentor support. It was really beneficial, all of us new graduates ‘were in it together’ and we were able to bounce off ideas and learn from each other. Now a Junior Developer, I recently worked on the AA implementation. ”

Richard, Integration Developer (University of Surrey Maths degree)

“I have had an interest in the technology industry for a long time, even from the age of 14 I was programming as a hobby and building websites. After University, I joined ICE as a support graduate which built a great foundation of knowledge of ICE Claims and ICE Policy’s functionality. I then applied for the ICE graduate developer training, joining the other graduate developers in the ‘ICE classroom.’”

“After my training, I joined the integration team – where we connect customers with interfaces from the ICE ecosystem’s integrations and industry partners. I really enjoy being part of the integration team and I receive excellent support from the ICE Integration Architect. I have recently been working on a customer eTrade portal, connecting it to ICE Policy, and a customer’s ICE Policy implementation.”

Hannah, Product Consultant (University of Bristol Neuroscience degree)

“I joined the graduate rotation scheme which gave me the opportunity to try different skills and be a part of multiple teams at ICE. After my rotation in Product, I requested to stay as it felt like the perfect fit for me. I really enjoy the customer interaction working on discovery workshops and GAP analysis with new customers to identify their requirements, the challenges they are facing and how we can solve this – these are interchangeable skills.”

“I have been encouraged to attend industry workshops including MGAA seminars on third-party intervention and workshops on civil liabilities, which has really supported my insurance knowledge – we feedback anything we have learnt to the team. I have recently worked on a customer CAPs rollout which has increased their efficiency and cost savings.”

At ICE InsureTech, we will continue to support our graduates as they enhance their technical skills, continue to learn from our expert teams and progress their careers at ICE.

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