ERS Case Study

The ICE Insurance Suite empowered ERS to execute their business transformation, resulting in a 60% reduction in IT spend. Mark Bacon, Active Underwriter, & Tim Yorke, COO, describe how ICE delivered the business-critical change they needed to replace their legacy platforms.

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The Challenge

All IT projects are complex and difficult at times and this was no exception. The legacy transformation needed to support ERS back to profitability and fulfilling its potential. The project had a relatively short timescale to deliver the development, deployment and data migration, therefore both teams needed to work together to deploy the ICE solution on-time.

The Solution

The project led to a successful implementation of the ICE Insurance Suite and big bang migration off their previously costly infrastructure. The ICE solution allowed ERS to significantly reduce their run rate for IT spend and helped the business to perform better overall. These performance areas included: improved speed to market, the ability to integrate brokers, new books of business and supply chain vendors and the ability to be more agile as the business continues to develop.

A word from the client…


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Our IT is now cost effective in a way that it never was before. Our annual IT spend has dropped by more than 60%.
Tim Yorke, Chief Operating Officer, ERS
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ICE allows us to be responsive to the needs of our customers so we can assess and identify opportunities quickly and we can deliver solutions to meet those needs. ICE enables what we want to do as a business.

Mark Bacon, Active Underwriter, ERS