Transforming the Insurance Industry: Andrew Passfield on ICE InsureTech

Jun 6, 2023 | Blog

Andrew Passfield being interview by Insure TV at BIBA 2023

Insure TV Interview: BIBA Conference 2023

Andrew Passfield, CEO at ICE InsureTech, delves into ICE’s journey from entering the industry in 2002 to the biggest market players being powered by ICE.
ICE has caused waves in the industry by empowering insurers with unparalleled flexibility and cost savings.

Andrew explains to InsureTV how ICE has developed as a business and how we solve the largest challenges faced by the insurance industry today. Watch our latest interview as we explore how ICE launches innovative and digital propositions in a matter of weeks, not months.

From entering the marketplace in 2002 as a small company to expanding global reach (Camberley, UK to Wroclaw in Poland), hear how ICE is innovating the insurance landscape and evolving into a Market Leader through automated processes, digitisation, and cost reduction.

ICE have solved many industry challenges:

  • Showcasing the power of flexibility
  • Customer empowerment
  • Putting insurers back in control
  • Unleashing the potential for businesses to configure their own operations

ICE’s most recent success stories include the rapid and efficient PAS implementation for Peppercorn AI, where ICE worked with Peppercorn to launch their digital proposition in 7 weeks with no compromise to quality.

With a strong track record of empowering insurers, enhancing product UI/UX and offering scalability and robustness, ICE InsureTech stands as the go-to choice for industry leaders such as AA, John Lewis and Ticker.

In a rapidly evolving insurance world, where adaptability is key, explore the possibilities with ICE InsureTech today and unlock a brighter future for your insurance business – Let’s Talk.