ICE Claims retains top Celent Award for Claims Management Platform

Oct 9, 2017 | Press Releases

ICE Claims has been awarded with the XCelent Technology Award in Celent’s latest Claims Systems Vendors: EMEA P&C Insurance 2017 report.


ICE Claims has successfully retained the Technology Award for the second review in a row, with the 2017 award recognising ICE Claims as the as the top Technology claims solution out of 17 vendors from across EMEA.

The XCelent Advanced and Agile Technology Award for the best solution in the “Advanced Technology” category is based on several criteria, including the underlying architecture; configurability of the solution; methods to extend or modify the data model; methods for testing changes; the approach to versioning, and how this influences the development, deployment and rollback of change; methods for reuse of definitions and rules; scalability and support for cloud deployment; and reference comments.

“ICE continues to offer a very strong claims solution based on modern technology and offering a strong feature set. The solution sports a new UI utilising modern practices that will drive user satisfaction and efficiency among its customers,” said Craig Beattie, Senior Research Analyst with Celent’s Insurance practice.

“We are delighted to receive this recognition from Celent” says Andrew Passfield, Chief Executive Officer. “We’ve had a very successful year with our ICE solutions and look forward to continued growth. Our ICE product suite is a market leading, modern solution that can be implemented quickly, delivering immediate business and customer benefits.”

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Reference: Claims Systems Vendors – EMEA P&C Insurance 2017, Celent, Craig Beattie, October 2017

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