Building Futures: ICE’s Mentoring Programme

Oct 27, 2023 | Blog

At ICE InsureTech, we understand that investing in the future is about nurturing talent. Our commitment to growth extends not only to our products but also to our staff. One way we accomplish this is through our Staff Council-initiated mentoring program. 

Why Invest in Graduates? 

Graduates bring a fresh perspective and innovative ideas to the table. Their experiences in the academic world encourage them to view problems and solutions from different and innovative standpoints. At ICE, we recognise that harnessing youthful enthusiasm and pairing it with the wisdom of our experienced staff can lead to outstanding results. 

A Holistic Approach to Development 

Our approach to mentorship is holistic, focusing on the growth of individuals and the enrichment of our teams. We believe that building strong teams requires a blend of experienced professionals guiding newcomers, fostering an environment where everyone thrives. 

The Numbers Don’t Lie 

In the last two years, ICE has welcomed an impressive 50% of our new employees through graduate positions. These positions encompass various programs, including our rotation scheme and developer training. From day one, we aim to nurture and develop our graduates comprehensively, allowing them to discover their true passion and talents at ICE. 

The ICE Mentorship Program 

Our mentorship program, launched by the Staff Council, is designed to support new joiners and junior staff members.  

The program operates initially on a 6-month basis, with opportunities for extension if both mentor and mentee find it beneficial. 

Mentorship arrangements can be as formal or informal as the mentor and mentee prefer. They might include regular catchups, knowledge sharing, and guidance on specific skills. 

Mentor Responsibilities 

Mentors serve as the first point of contact for questions, providing guidance and support. They encourage mentees to define their objectives and help them achieve these goals. 

Mentee Responsibilities 

Mentees are encouraged to define their objectives, make the most of their relationship with their mentor, and communicate their needs openly. 

Mentor and mentee work together to define objectives and goals using models like GROW (Goal, Reality, Options, Will). The mentee should take ownership of this conversation. 

Mentors help mentees gain confidence, resolve issues more efficiently, and expand their networks. In return, mentors enact positive changes, contribute to company objectives, and potentially open the door to line management roles. 

We look forward to witnessing the continued growth of our graduates and the positive impact they bring to ICE InsureTech. With the mentorship program as a cornerstone, we are confident in a future filled with innovation and achievement. 

“When ICE launched the mentoring program in 2022, I jumped at the opportunity to be involved. I was paired up with Lynette, our client Services Director, as she has the skills that I was looking to develop, particularly with respect to presenting to an audience. The sessions we had together were incredibly beneficial – we began by sitting down to discuss our aims, and created a plan together of how we were going to achieve these. Over the course of a few months, I started feeling much more comfortable with public speaking using the tips and techniques we had been working on, to the point where I was able to confidently present to the company in a monthly staff meeting. The mentoring scheme is always something I recommend to new joiners at ICE as it is a fantastic way to make connections with other teams and learn skills outside of their job role.”
Alice, Support Analyst (Loughborough University Mathematics degree)

“The mentoring program has been a great benefit to my progress at ICE and I have enjoyed the journey. It was particularly helpful to receive regular advice and feedback throughout the year on various aspects which have helped me to learn and improve as a developer within the company, as well as being able to share this knowledge within the finance team and help to improve processes.” 

Milon, Finance Java developer (University of Surrey Computer Science degree) 

“Having a mentor to go to whenever I needed to field questions or run through unfamiliar scenarios was invaluable when I first started at ICE in February 2023. Phil Daniels’ expertise as a senior Technical Author helped me grasp the foundations of ICE’s documenting processes and his open-door policy has enabled us to collaboratively build upon existing processes.”
Jamie, Technical Author (Bath Spa University English Literature degree) 

“Having joined ICE nearly two years ago, I can honestly say I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time as part of the Claims team. I have regular contact with experienced developers, which has allowed me to rapidly improve my development knowledge and responsibility within the team. Recently, I have been mentoring the new intake of graduates, passing on the knowledge I have gained as a graduate.”
Charlie , Developer (Bath University Mathematics Degree) 

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