ICE Rating

Innovative Rating platform providing underwriting excellence and scalability 

What is ICE Rating?


ICE Rating is more than just a rating engine, our technology is super-fast and easy to integrate with all other existing systems.

Our rating solutions enables customers to provide high volumes of rating and underwriting calculations in real time across multiple channels.

ICE Rating is a cost-effective solution that provides customers with flexibility to meet the demands of today’s evolving market conditions.

Powerful proven solution

A powerful and flexible solution that can cost effectively scale to meet the variable demands of evolving market conditions. ICE Rating is used by one of the leading UK telematics insurers.

Underwriting excellence

More than just a rating engine, with its revolutionary approach towards automatic underwriting and incorporating ‘what-if’ scenarios all in real-time. Our rating software is your key lever to capturing and retaining more business.

Speed and Integration

ICE Rating is super-fast at what it does. Our Cloud based approach ensures that performance is constantly maintained and you can be assured the application will easily integrate with all your existing systems.


Customers are using the solution to provide high-volumes of rating and underwriting calculations in real-time across multiple channels – including aggregators, self-service and service centre; elastic cloud solution easily scaling to handle millions of quote calculations per day.

Data enrichment

ICE Rating can incorporate information from any accessible data enrichment service, such as anti-fraud, driving behaviour and real-time ‘gaming’ through multiple aggregators. Our software enables you to underwrite the best risks based on more accurate information.

Easy to implement and deploy new products

With our agile methodology and architecture, we’ve made it easy for you to implement, deploy new products and business rules so you can quickly start pricing and selling new lines of business.