ICE Rating

Innovative Rating platform delivering underwriting excellence 

What is ICE Rating?


Flexible rating platform using ICE Rating, or an external rating engine, empowering customers to make rate changes effective quickly to meet the demands of evolving market conditions.

With super-fast technology, ICE Rating is a comprehensive application to manage rating internally, providing high volumes of rating and underwriting calculations in real time, across multiple channels.

ICE Rating easily integrates with all other existing systems, whilst improving underwriting accuracy. Alternatively, we connect to a range of third party alternatives including our ICE Ecosystem partners Radar Live and Polaris.

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Rating Agnostic Icon

Rating Agnostic

ICE is rating engine agnostic with our ICE Rating platform or third party rating engines from our growing ICE Ecosystem, including Radar Live, Polaris etc.

Underwriting Excellence Icon

Underwriting Excellence

Our rating platform is your key lever to capturing and retaining more business, including automatic underwriting and ‘what-if’ scenarios all in real-time.

Speed and Integration Icon

Speed and Integration

ICE Rating is super-fast, our cloud based approach ensures performance is constantly maintained. The cost-effective application easily integrates with all your existing systems.

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High-volumes of rating and underwriting calculations in real-time across multiple channels – including aggregators. Elastic cloud solution scaling to handle millions of quote calculations per day.

Data Enrichment Icon

Data Enrichment

ICE Rating can incorporate information from any accessible data enrichment service, such as anti-fraud and driving behaviour through multiple aggregators. Our platform enables clients to underwrite the best risks based on more accurate information.

Implement & Deploy New Products Icon

Implement & Deploy New Products

With our agile methodology and architecture, clients can easily implement, deploy new products and business rules to quickly start pricing and selling new lines of business.

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