ICE Billing

Fully flexible Billing solution delivering enterprise integration

What is ICE Billing?


ICE Billing is a stand-alone component which supports broker and policy accounting. Our billing platform is designed with configurable payment and instalment plans.

A full double entry insurance ledger, ICE Billing supports agency and direct billing with a breakdown of IPT and commissions.

ICE Billing gives users the ability to collect premiums from multiple parties and enhances support with multi-policy billing through a single customer account.

Fully automated billing cycle

Ledger based accounting solution for a fully automated billing cycle, featuring payment and receipt management, policy and agency billing and full bordereau reconciliation.

Channel agnostic billing

Provides effective and efficient financial accounting for all insurance channels including direct, intermediary and third-party service providers across Personal, Commercial and Speciality lines of business.

Enterprise integration

Can be either stand-alone or fully integrated with other elements of the ICE Insurance Suite. ICE Billing is fully integrated with the online market standard e-reconciliation tool, ARC, but can also be integrated with any corporate general ledgers and other accounting systems.

Flexible configuration

Fully configurable instalment plans, enabling the design of a wide variety of billing and payment plans. You can easily change and manage the complete billing process with easy access to information providing an efficient and accurate billing service for your customers.

Premium, commission and payments

Accurate management of all billing items including commissions, taxes, discounts, surcharges, fees and claims payments with robust controls and improved customer service.

Receivable management

Manual and automated receipt processing with automated allocation, unallocated management and alerts for non-payment.