The insurance industry is changing fast and managing claims is an increasingly relentless challenge. From mitigating claims indemnity and controlling operational cost to providing excellent customer satisfaction, it’s not always easy to maintain operational efficiency alongside strong financial performance and market-leading customer service.

We understand these challenges better than any other provider. Our ICE Claims system is designed by claims people, for claims people. It’s one of the most implemented claims management systems in the UK and is the most technologically advanced claims system in EMEA, having been accredited with the XCelent Advanced Technology Award

The future of managing claims

New innovative technology offers insurers the opportunity to provide customers with levels of service that would have been unimaginable just five years ago. Customers have different expectations nowadays in this digital world, and insurers have a new range of needs to meet.

How can we help?

Insurers need to drive up profitable growth and deliver excellent customer satisfaction in a fast, effective and cost-saving way.  ICE Claims tackles your critical requirements head on and our speed of implementation is one of the quickest in the market. We acknowledge that insurers have 4 key requirements:

1. Excellent customer engagement

Our use of advanced portals, apps and all other communication methods converts the claims process into a proactive experience with shorter claims cycles. Insurers and customers can interact using their preferred method of engagement and by providing timely updates, significantly increase customer satisfaction and reduce the need to constantly chase for information.

2. Reducing your costs

A rapid return on investment is vital for reducing your combined operating ratio. We drive down costs by improving productivity through streamlined processes, automation and via our collaboration with external parties to reduce delays. Our configurable workflow management tools provide you with a best of breed template but allow you to easily self-customise processes and practices and deploy them with no system downtime.

3. Keeping you compliant

We take compliance as seriously as you do, which is why we’ve built in robust systems and process-based safeguards to protect insurers from reputational damage.

4. Future-proofing your business

Our modern state of the art platform ensures you’re ready for tomorrow’s world as well as today’s. We are a leading player in the global usage-based insurance market and our platform is fully ‘IoT’ enabled. We have already deployed our system supporting “connected cars” in a live environment and can support the emerging connected ecosystems of the future.

The way forward is a more efficient, effective and integrated use of technology and data. That’s why we created our ICE solution – a more advanced and connected insurance software solution, designed for 21st century challenges.

ICE Claims is a complete end-to-end solution, offering straight-through processing and delivering rapid time-to-market. We describe it as a functionally-rich claims management system which covers the end to end claims process – from customer self-serve quote & buy portals to mid-term adjustments and claims progress tracking.

How does ICE work in practice?

Our advanced insurance suite has improved their speed to market for new products rapidly, they have been able to save money with more automation through the ability to integrate everything from brokers to new business to claims supply chain vendors, and they are able to be much more flexible as their business grows thanks to the modular nature and vast data analytics of the ICE system.

Want to know more?

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